Resources for developers

If you'd like to contribute to Alpha Shooter, there is a large number of things you can do. Not sure where to get started? This page will provide information about how you can help, and resources to learn the basics of game programming and design.

There are many ways you can help this project advance. Please keep in mind that we'd like to keep Alpha Shooter completely Free Software, licensed under the GPL; if you'd like to send any patches or code additions, be sure to license them under the GPL also, or under a GPL-compatible license; for artistic material, a Creative Commons license that allows redistribution and derivative works is fine. You will be credited for your work on this website, and in the game and its documentation.

Programmers may check out the code in SVN and submit patches to fix bugs or add useful features; if you'd like to become part of the Alpha Shooter programming team, this is the best way to show you understand the code base and know your way around it.

Artists are welcome to submit 3D models and textures for inclusion in the game. Level designs will be taken into consideration also.

Testers may test the game and report on unexpected behavior, including in their report all the log files produced when running the game in debug mode.

Others are encouraged to contact us and express their interest in the project, as their work will be undoubtedly very helpful in the future, particularly when the game expands and adds more features...

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If you'd like to enhance your knowledge of game development, whether you want to eventually lend a hand to Alpha Shooter or just desire to learn more for your own projects, you might earn much by reading or exploring the following recommended selections:

  • General programming resources
    • Thinking in C++ Vol. 1 and 2 - Bruce Eckel, Chuck Allison - Prentice Hall (available online)
    • Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve your Programs and Designs - Scott Meyers - Addison Wesley
    • UNIX Network Programming Vol. 1 - W. Richard Stevens, Bill Fenner, Andrew M. Rudoff - Addison Wesley
    • 3D Computer Graphics - Alan Watt - Addison Wesley
  • Game programming resources
    • Ultimate 3D Game Engine Design & Architecture - Allen Sherrod - Charles River Media
    • Game Programming Gems series (currently 7 volumes) - various authors - Charles River Media
    • Reference articles on - various authors - available online

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