Alpha Shooter documentation

This page contains documentation about Alpha Shooter and discusses its history and future directions. Herein you may find information both on the newer releases (for which the Neutron Engine was developed) and on the older ones (that used OpenGL directly and esclusively). Additionally, some information on the Neutron Engine will also be available here in the future, as it develops.

To browse this section you may use the navigation menu on the right. Please note that much of this section is still under construction, more will be posted when available.

The game, new and old

Documentation for the new incarnation of Alpha Shooter is accessible here, and these are its main sections.

The old documentation present on this website has been preserved, and is accessible below.

The Neutron Engine

The Neutron Engine has its own website, although its source code is temporarily still included in the source code for Alpha Shooter. Information on the engine will be posted here and on its website soon.

  • More coming soon...