The 3D environment produced

As said on the homepage, the tridimensional environment built for this project tries to reproduce a storage area in a space ship or orbiting station in a sci-fi setting. It is shaped as a quadrangular room with a low ceiling and three doors that link it to more rooms and corridors; in various locations crates, barrels and other items are stacked, waiting to be picked up. On a wall an aperture lets some light in and a planet, rotating around its axis, is visible together with its moon; the same moon rotates around the same axis, at a slightly higher speed. Beside the center of the room a command console awaits, while the walls house some control panels and terminals, and a venting system.

Image of the window

The window in the wall with planet and moon

The room is lit by six lights placed on the ceiling, and by a spotlight that the character carries on him or herself (colored in red). A faint environmental light is present even when the other lights are not active, simulating light reflected by the planet and coming in through the window on the north wall. When the lights on the ceiling are off a slight green luminescence can be noticed along the walls, acting as emergency lighting.

The floor is composed of metal plates; in some areas, slightly elevated platforms, made of stronger material, may house loads of various kinds. Walkways covered in a yet different material connect the doors at the sides of the room to the command consol near the center. The south-east zone is fenced and contains storage items like crates, barrels and some metal posts; more items are stacked in the south-west area, which isn't fenced.

Fenced zone, lit up Fenced zone, in the dark

The fenced zone with lights on, and with lights off and red spotlight on

On the west wall two doors lead out of the room, and a powered terminal can be seen; over the doors a venting shaft links two fans and continues downward towards the floor. The same kind of shaft can also be seen on the ceiling around the lamps, while a number of vents protrude from the southern wall. A third door is on the eastern wall.

Doors and ventilation system

The western wall with doors and the ventilation system

The northern area houses a holographic projector near the center of the floor, not far from the window. When holograms are projected, rays may be seen leaving the projector, depending on game settings; holographic targets and other objects in the room may be shot with rockets to gain points. The targets are simple, floating red spheres that follow a random path: they turn green when hit, before slowly disappearing.

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